What Kind of Birthday Candles Will You Choose?

Jun. 09, 2021

Use numbers and Birthday Candles to decorate a special birthday cake or dessert that will wow the crowd. Celebrate a special milestone age with number candles or match the theme of the party with themed candles, we have a wide variety of wax candles for everyone from 1 to 100 years old!

From your baby's 1st birthday to your grandparent's milestone party, we have a candle for everyone. Decorate their birthday dessert with a number candle or a letter candle. Our wide variety of birthday candles are perfect for any milestone celebration.

Number Birthday Candle

Number Birthday Candle

Whether you're looking for something classic and colorful, like a Number Candle with silhouettes and polka dots, or something to add sparkle to the big day, like a number candle with glitter, we have a large variety to add the perfect touch to their other cake decorations. For a more unique cake decoration in the form of candles, try spiral birthday candles

Pillar candles complement any party theme and add a touch of sweetness to cakes, cupcakes and other birthday treats. Whether you prefer colorful cupcakes, sweet owls, or manly moustaches, we have a variety of pillar candles and candle holders for your event.

Spiral and coil candles are fun options for birthday cakes, while flicker candles and colored candles are an especially bright option for birthday cakes. We even have cake toppers to add a little something extra to your sweets and treats. How happy it will be to watch their faces light up on their special day when you choose to decorate their delicious birthday dessert with number and Letter Candle!

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